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Tourism & Aviation

Travel and tourism is among the biggest industries in the world. It is also among the most competitive and dynamic. The tourism market has been growing steadily in recent years. In addition, more and more online competitors are joining the travel and tourism markets. As such, the tourism industry is highly dependent on public relations for communicating with the public, attaining positive positioning, and attracting visitors.

Public relations are critical to tourism companies and businesses and media exposure enables them to create an awareness for specific destinations, attractions, or events.  


PR aims mainly to develop a positive interest in tourism companies. Many tourist attractions rely on word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising, generated through effective PR campaigns and marketing strategies. In addition, PR professionals are required to manage crises when something goes wrong or where there are incidents that impact travel plans.


We are proud of our travel and tourism knowledge and experience, taking pride in excellent connections with relevant media outlets.  Accompanying and the Incoming Tourism Bureau in Israel reflects examples of our experience in the field.

Tourism & Aviation

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