Hila Zeligman Frid

Owner of Hila Zeligman Media Relations, part of Rimon Cohen & Co. Senior media advisor, experienced in conflict and crisis management, content production for events and conferences. Hila has over 20 years of experience working with the media. She started her career at Channel 1, where she held a variety of senior production positions. She then acted as the manager of the headquarters for the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of reunification of Jerusalem. In 2008, she joined our office, serving as the spokesperson of the Likud campaign headquarters and Benjamin Netanyahu in the 2009 elections. In 2012, she began serving as the spokesperson and vice president of Beit Hillel, and went on to establish Hila – Media Relations. In June 2016, her office merged with Rimon Cohen & Co.

Clients (past and present): Anti-Defamation League, Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism, National Authority for Traffic Safety, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Teachers Union, struggle of Migron residents, Yesha Council, Habayit Hayehudi, Moshe Feiglin, ITIM, the struggle of parents of children with cancer at Hadassah (pro bono), the campaign waged by the Goldin family to retrieve their son Hadar’s body and more.