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NPO’s and Social Organizations

We are proud to be among the first companies to specialize in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the business sector and in providing media consulting and PR services to associations and voluntary-sector organizations in Israel. 

There are currently tens of thousands of NPO’s and social organizations  in Israel. Social organizations, like any business or political entity, operate in an active market of dynamic competition. These organizations compete for resources, for the ability to provide assistance and for public attention.  Social organizations in Israel and abroad realize the importance of media support as elements in the executive toolbox essential to their purpose. This realization is based on the understanding of their operating arena, resembling a business for all intents and purposes. Just like a business that sells a product or a political figure who “sells” an opinion or promise of a certain platform, social organizations “sell” a product in a competitive arena. 


We enable social organizations and NPO’s to properly operate in this arena of “selling” a social concept or agenda. Media efforts dedicated to social organizations consider ongoing exposure with one aim in mind – positioning the organization and its operations at the top of the media and public agenda. Exposing the organization in the media, directing the spotlight to its activities and enabling it to stand out among its competition intend to position it as a professional authority in its field and the main authority for the media as it addresses relevant social issues: Senior citizens, foster care, female victims of violence, environmental quality, youth at risk, people with disabilities and more. 

Exposing the social organizations that we represent includes reactions to events and media coverage, as well as an ongoing investment in media toward “integrating” content within the media offering, such as: professional articles, interviews with experts in the organization. new initiatives and creative collaborations that introduce the activities to the target audiences in order to engender a “media discussion” intended to raise public awareness to the organization’s agenda and activities.

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