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Roni Rimon Partner

Senior Partner

Among the most senior media strategists in Israel. Former member of the Israel Press Council.

Began his professional career as a legal correspondent at Ha’Aretz and later served as the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality Spokesperson. Advises major economic and social companies and organizations, manages high-profile media crises and complex situations, and serves as advisor to senior political officials.

Eran Yoels Partner

Head of Economics, Business and Law. Over two decades of experience in media consulting, crisis management and public relations. Consultant to prominent business entities in various fields of the economy, including capital markets, worker unions, and public and private companies. Among the leaders of the media campaign who successfully advocated for the release of Gilad Shalit.

Idit Rosenberg Partner

Head of High Tech, Education, Associations and Health. Over 25 years of experience in strategic media consulting and public relations for Tech companies, as well as health, social organization, associations, and educational bodies.

In 1998, she founded Media-PR, a PR firm that she managed for 15 years, during which she served as the media advisor and spokesperson for dozens of Israeli and multinational tech companies. The firm merged with Rimon Cohen & Co. several years ago and she is currently a partner and head of the Tech Division. She conducts executive workshops and lectures on PR and media exposure, specializing in devising a media strategy and managing the media reputation for senior companies and executives.

Michal Zilber Partner

Head of High Tech, Education, Associations and Health. Over 20 years of experience in strategic media consulting for tech companies, ranging from global organizations, through established local companies to startups. Also experienced with associations, and educational institutions. Michal has experience with advising companies, accompanying senior executives, handling media crisis and battles, and providing media support for events, conferences, and press conferences.

Tomer Hambursky Partner

Senior media advisor. Undergraduate degree in Communications from the Sapir Academic College and MBA from the College of Management. Former spokesperson for the National Road Safety Authority. Experienced with media consulting in a variety of fields: economics and business, media crises and public battles, industry and agriculture, labor and welfare, immigration and absorption.

Uri Perednik Partner

Head of the Digital Division at Rimon Cohen & Co. and strategic consultant involved in all division portfolios. Manage image crises for key figures in Israel and abroad, manage branding for leading companies in Israel and lead the digital operations for US companies operating in Israel. His personal clients include Knesset members, government ministers and senior business officials. In his free time, Or dedicates himself to the struggle for bringing the Jews of Ethiopia to Israel and is a co-producer in various film and music initiatives. Uri holds a graduate degree in Political Communications from Bar Ilan University.

Orpaz Harosh Graphic Designer (Digital Division)

Graphic designer, illustrator and studio manager. Conducted digital work processes and branding initiatives for dozens of Israeli and international clients involved in consumer, leisure, and public awareness issues. Orpaz combines technical and managerial know-how with a design for talent and an artistic eye that upgrades the visibility and impact of every project. Majored in graphic arts at CALARTS, California School of Arts.

Assaf Biton Creative director (Digital Division)

Extensive experience in content and PPC on various platforms.

Past and current clients include water companies from across the country and various unions.

Karen Gavish Media Consultant

Senior media consultant with over 10 years experience in journalistic writing, copywriting and media consulting in various fields. Karen recently  served as the MarCom manager for “People and Computers” Group, leading the PR array in conferences produced for the high tech community, including Smart Industry 4.0, Educational Technologies, Cybersecurity, AI, Fintech, Travel-Tech, Digital Health, the Drone Industry and more.

Karen previously served as head of press relations and a senior media consultant, acquiring extensive knowledge in advising clients involved in industry, kibbutz industry, health, tourism consumer and lifestyle issues, academia and real estate.

Itamar Bitton Media Consultant

Senior media consultant. Began his career as a student in the spokesmanship department of FIDF. Extensive experience with law firms, media crises and more. Served as the media consultant in leading strategy firms in Israel.

Naomi Minagov Finance Manager

5 years of bookkeeping and finance management experience in leading companies and the Israel Medical Association. Studied management and accounting.

David Rosenthal Media Consultant

Media consultant on law and economics. Publicist in economic journals on matters relating to economy and society, member of television panels and hosted an economic excerpt on the radio. David began his media career as part of his national service, as the spokesperson for Yad Sara.

Avigail Gazit NGO's and Educational Institutions Account Manager

Experienced Social Media manger working for the digital division. Past and current clients include The Technion, The ministry of health, Elrom Studios, the ADL and more.

Chen Kaplan Office Manager

Over 15 years of experience in administrative management of organizations in the public and private sector.

Benny Cohen Co-Founder

Specializing in media campaigns and crisis management. Began his career as a lawyer before shifting to the media industry where he filled a series of positions in television and the press. Inter alia, he served as the media consultant for the late Former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin and as the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality spokesperson under Shlomo Lahat (Chich) where he devised the campaign: “Tel Aviv – a non-stop city”.





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