When the legal system meets the media

The Legal and Regulation Department at Rimon Cohen & Co. is the leading department in this field in Israel. Since it was established, the department has accrued knowledge, expertise and a vast amount of comprehensive experience in the definition and implementation of legal media strategy. This is how the department became the professional address for the largest and most prominent law firms in Israel.

The department advises numerous firms and provides them with public relations in a range of areas, including: capital market, litigation, energy, infrastructures, taxes, banking, real estate and more. By doing so, the department works to obtain positive media coverage of the firms’ achievements and to represent them to the media. Additionally, the department provides support when the firms organize professional conferences, handle complex cases and special projects.

We advise:

+ Large law firms

+ Boutique and mid-sized firms

+ People accused of white-collar crimes

+ People in court-appointed roles

Among our Clients Over the years

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