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law & regulation

The Law and Regulation Department at Rimon Cohen & Co. is Israel’s leading specialist in the field. Since its inception the department gained extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in devising and implementing legal media strategies. It has therefore become the professional “Go-To” department for Israel’s largest and leading law firms. 

The department accompanies a long list of law firms, providing them with PR services in various fields of practice, including: Capital markets, litigation, energy, infrastructures, taxation, banking, real estate, labor laws, insolvency and more. In so doing, the department strives to achieve positive media leverage for firm achievements and for their representation in the media. In addition, the department accompanies professional conferences conducted by the firms, complex cases and special projects.

In addition, our professionals specialize in individual media accompaniment for boutique firms and mid-sized offices, aiming to position them through the relevant media. Among our services: Devising and formulating a media strategy, developing a media identity for the firm and its partners, increasing awareness to firm activities and expanding exposure among potential clients in various legal areas. In other instances, the department serves as a “media advocate” for public officials and known figures encountering a complex legal and public situation in which their character and visibility is at stake. In these cases, we will be the “mouth” for people suffering from one of the worst crises of their lives. All of our efforts are conducted together with attorneys on behalf of the client.

Among our prominent clients in the past and present: Herzog, Fox & Neeman; Doron, Tikotzky, Kantor, Gutman, Ness, Amit Gross & Co.; Hadad, Roth, Shenhar & Co.; Yaron-Eldar, Paller, Schwartz & Co.; Yigal Arnon & Co.; Cohen Strashnov Law Offices;  Danino Shay Moshe & Co.; Orna Lin & Co.; Ben-Yacov Law Firm; Ephraim Abramson & Co.; David Yadid Law & Notary; and more. 

law & regulation

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