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Our firm specializes in providing media accompaniment for leading health organizations, by understanding their unique needs in the competitive market. Our work focuses on medical companies, ranging from medical innovations to health organizations and pharmaceutical companies. One of the main challenges is knowing how to communicate complex medical information, rendering it coherent and interesting for the general public.

As we work to achieve this objective, we make sure to present the information in a professional and reliable manner while considering the sensitivity of the conveyed information.


Public relations in this sector is intended not only to educate, distribute and increase awareness and share recent innovations, but also to manage crises. This may actually play a major role in what many medical companies do.

Among our past and present clients: Meuhedet Health Fund; AbbVie; Fresenius Medical Care Israel Ltd.; leading biotech companies, such as 3D Systems, Rewalk, Neurolife, Augmedics and more. These are just a few of the companies whose local media exposure our firm is proud to lead.


In addition, our firm led, pro bono, the struggle of parents to children with cancer at the Hadassah hemato-oncological department against the hospital and Ministry of Health. Our strategy with such clients is based on a deep understanding and extensive experience with the field in which such organizations operate, aiming to implement optimal work plans that consider the unique needs of each individual organization.

We enable social organizations and NPO’s to properly operate in this arena of “selling” a social concept or agenda. Media efforts dedicated to social organizations consider ongoing exposure with one aim in mind – positioning the organization and its operations at the top of the media and public agenda. Exposing the organization in the media, directing the spotlight to its activities and enabling it to stand out among its competition intend to position it as a professional authority in its field and the main authority for the media as it addresses relevant social issues: Senior citizens, foster care, female victims of violence, environmental quality, youth at risk, people with disabilities and more. 

Exposing the social organizations that we represent includes reactions to events and media coverage, as well as an ongoing investment in media toward “integrating” content within the media offering, such as: professional articles, interviews with experts in the organization. new initiatives and creative collaborations that introduce the activities to the target audiences in order to engender a “media discussion” intended to raise public awareness to the organization’s agenda and activities.


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