Don’t let the situation control you, take control of the situation

Crises catch people who are unprepared off guard. Most crises can be foreseen and minimized if you work properly, and indeed, an ever-growing number of businesses and public organizations have decided that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. They consult us and build a “crisis portfolio” designed to prepare the organization for a potential crisis. We are particularly proud of the crises that stay underground and that do not come to the media’s attention or that are handled properly when they do come to the media’s attention.

Special service – surgical strike behind the scenes

When an organization or company experiences a crisis or is forced to deal with an unusual conflict, even if they have a spokesperson or their own PR officer – we are called in to provide “specialist care.” In such cases, we work together with the organization’s or company’s professionals, sometimes remaining behind the scenes, so that the media is unaware of our work. In other cases, we work together with the professionals and leverage the extensive network of contacts our partners have, which frequently proves very helpful.

(Clients are confidential)

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