Media is not the objective, but the means of achieving the objective

The objective of any campaign is to exert pressure so that the desired decision is made.

In recent years, our firm has managed a long line of public campaigns that have garnered extensive media coverage: The campaign to release Gilad Shalit (which we handled pro bono for four years), the campaign by parents of children with cancer at Hadassah, Or Yarok’s campaign against traffic accidents, the struggle waged by IDB Holding bondholders, the struggles of the Israel Teachers’ Union, the campaign by the Association of University Heads of Israel (VERA) against the government to increase university budgets, the struggles of Adam Teva V’Din, campaigns by the IDF Disabled Veterans Organization to protect their rights, and more.

Furthermore, the firm has unique expertise in managing labor relations – whether at the organizing stage or when representing unions or management. Some of the issues we have handled: The crisis between the employees and management of Hadera Paper, Dimona Nuclear Reactor Employee Union, the Union of Academic Workers at Rafael, representation of the El Al Pilots Union, the campaign by Bank of Israel employees against sections of the Bank of Israel Law and more.

Among our Clients Over the years

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